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Compassionate supplemental and alternative health care in the East Bay


Earth and Air Wellness


Welcome to Earth and Air Wellness Acupuncture of Pleasant Hill and the East Bay. We are pleased to provide compassionate health care using Traditional Chinese Medicinal techniques. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a comprehensive medical system developed over thousands of years. Earth and Air Wellness Acupuncture applies a holistic approach to wellness by looking at every system of the body. We use a variety of modalities to treat not just the symptoms, but the whole person. No two people are alike; therefore two treatments are exactly alike. Based on each patient's unique symptoms, our treatments can include acupuncture, Chinese herbal recommendations, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, dietary counseling, meditation practices, and exercise suggestions. Lifestyle changes, sometimes big and sometimes small, are a major part of a successful course of treatment. In most cases, patients greatly benefit from becoming aware of and changing habits that have contributed to their current condition.

Acupuncture is not just for people who have a specific complaint, it is also for those who want to enrich their lives or simply maintain their good health and prevent future illness. The beauty of this system of medicine is that it acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual. Rather than addressing the isolated symptoms of illness, TCM nurtures the whole person, bringing balance to the body-mind-spirit triad so that the patient can achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Maria Yung, L.Ac., DTCM


Dr. Maria Yung is a third-generation practitioner of Chinese medicine, following a tradition started over 70 years ago by her grandmother, Dr. Bing Yin Lee. Like her grandmother, Maria specializes in women's health including the treatment of hormonal imbalances, menstrual problems, fertility, and gynecological cancers.


Maria started her family at the age of forty and has three young kids. Maria has a special passion in helping women achieve their dreams of motherhood. Over the years, Maria has helped hundreds of women become moms.

Maria combines a traditional Chinese medicine approach with her strong support of integrative health care. She encourages her patients to take a holistic approach to their health that includes a healthy diet, exercise, healthy habits, and emotional wellness.

She is a graduate of UCLA and the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, and completed post-graduate training at Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hangzhou, China.


Yingxin (Joy) Zhao, L.Ac., DAOM


Dr. Yingxin Zhao (Joy) was born in China to a TCM family. Her grandparents were experienced TCM doctors who inspired her to take an interest in Chinese medicine from childhood. Yingxin earned her bachelor's degree in Chinese Medicine from Hainan Medical University and a Master's and Doctorate Degree of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from ACTCM in San Francisco.


Joy spent many years apprenticing with experienced experts. She combines the precious skills she learned from them with over a decade of her own practical and clinical experience.

Dr. Joy specializes in infertility in both women and men, hormone imbalances and women's health, insomnia, Bell’s palsy, pain management, and everything in between. Her dedication to her patient care along with her compassion for others makes her an optimal choice for your wellness journey.  

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Don Chen, L.Ac., MSTCM


Don Chen is a highly skilled acupuncturist with a deep commitment to helping patients achieve optimal health and well-being. With five years of clinical experience, Don has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Prior to earning his Master's degree in TCM from Yo San University, Don completed a rigorous 950-hour practical acupuncture residency at top healthcare centers in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, honing his skills and deepening his understanding of the human body.

Don has passion for pain management and sports medicine, as well as alleviating symptoms associated with aging, especially senior care.  He provides personalized, high-quality care to each of his patients. 


Laura Schofield

Office Manager

Laura Schofield is our office and front desk manager. Customer service is her number one job here at Earth and Air Wellness. She came to us with 22 years of front-office experience to share. Feel free to ask her any questions regarding your billing, appointments, and more.


Services & Info


Among the oldest healing practices in the world, acupuncture aims to restore and maintain health through the insertion and manipulation of tiny needles into specific points on the body. The tiny needles are about the size of a human hair and acupuncture is virtually pain-free. In fact, many people report a feeling of relaxation and stress reduction.


Electrical stimulation applied directly to the needles. This therapy is a stronger stimulation of the acupuncture points.  It is particularly beneficial for musculo-skeletal and nervous system conditions. 

Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine herbal formulas perfectly designed to restore balance to the body's internal conditions. We recommend the highest quality of products that follow the standards of current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP).

Cupping Therapy

The application of glass or plastic cups to areas of the body to promote good blood and qi flow. 

Gua Sha

The use of a smooth surfaced tool to "scrap" areas of the body to increase blood flow and soften  muscle tissue. 

Initial Acupuncture Consultation and Treatment

Includes an intake about your health concerns, acupuncture treatment, and other appropriate modalities.

Follow-up Acupuncture Treatment

Includes a brief followup consultation, acupuncture treatment and appropriate modalities.

Consultation and Acupuncture Treatment for Fertility and Complex Cases

Includes a more in-depth intake and consultation, history analysis, and acupuncture treatment, and other appropriate modalities


Insurance Info

We do not currently accept insurance. However, if you do have acupuncture coverage as part of your health insurance policy, we’re happy to print a superbill for you to send to your insurance company for reimbursement. We do accept funds from Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Insurance Info


  • What should I expect on the first visit?
    An initial Acupuncture visit usually lasts about 80 minutes. Upon booking your appointment, you will receive an email confirmation and invitation to our patient portal where you can fill out our detailed questionnaire online. We ask that you do this before your appointment. This will give your practitioner an opportunity to review your health history. During the consultation portion of your first visit, your practitioner will ask several questions about your main complaint and your body as a whole. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. After we get a good understanding of what is ailing you, we will begin treatment. Treatment will include acupuncture and depending on what your complaint is, may include moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, and an herbal prescription. Every person is unique and requires different treatment plans, so we will determine what is best for you at your initial visit. The needles are typically left in for about 30 minutes, during which you will be allowed to relax in a quiet, darkened room. You will be given a bell in case you need our assistance during your treatment.
  • How do I prepare?
    Try to allow plenty of time to get to your appointment so you don’t rush in. If possible, wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. You want to be as comfortable as possible so you can fully relax during your acupuncture treatment. The most commonly used acupuncture points are on the extremities, so we will need to access to these areas. Make sure it hasn't been too long before your last meal. Some people get dizzy or faint if they come on an empty stomach, so if necessary, have a light snack before your treatment.
  • Is acupuncture safe?
    Yes. Acupuncture has no unpleasant side effects and does not interfere with any medical treatment you may already be receiving. Occasionally patients may get a small local bruise or feel light-headed for a few moments. The acupuncture itself can be as gentle or strong as the patient needs.
  • Does acupuncture hurt?
    Most people who have had acupuncture would describe it as virtually painless; although you may experience is a slight prick upon insertion. The sensations that follow range from nothing at all, to mild tingling, to slight numbness/achiness, to electrical pulsations in areas distant from the site of insertion. All these sensations usually subside once the needles are removed. The needles used for acupuncture are much smaller than the standard hypodermic needle, do not draw blood, and are solid, not hollow.
  • What is that smell?
    Some treatments require the burning of an herb called artemesia vulgaris, also known as ai ye or mugwort, but it is more commonly known as moxa. It is a traditional Chinese medical technique that helps warm the body, strengthen the blood, and stimulate the flow of "qi."
  • Why do you examine my tongue?
    The tongue has many relationships and connections to the internal organs of the body. It is therefore very useful and important to inspect the tongue to help diagnose you. We will be looking at your tongue color, the thickness and color of the tongue coating, and the relative shape of your tongue.
  • Why do you take my pulse?
    Pulse diagnosis is an integral part of Chinese medical diagnosis. We will feel your radial pulse on both wrists to get a better picture of your overall health. While we do count the rate like traditional Western medical doctors, we are also feeling for the quality and depth of the pulse to aid in our diagnosis.
  • How many treatments will I need?
    Depending on the nature, severity and duration of the complaint, the course of treatment will vary. Many problems can be fixed quickly, while more chronic conditions may be relieved only with time and effort. The speed of progress with long-standing chronic issues is much determined by the patient's willingness to make lifestyle changes conjunction with the treatment.
  • What are Chinese Herbs?
    Your practitioner may recommend that you take Chinese herbs to help compliment your treatment process. Herbs are recommended in formulas that are specifically designed for the patients needs. Our most commonly recommended form of herbs is capsules for your convenience.

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Conveniently located just outside of Downtown Pleasant Hill (originally located in Downtown Walnut Creek), our office provides a tranquil and refreshing experience for our patients. Situated just across the street from Pleasant Hill's City Hall building, we offered ample free parking right outside our doors and ADA compliant access.

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